Questions about Upgrade?

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We hear a number of questions about our company, services, and expertise, below you'll find answer to the most common ones we hear.
What does Upgrade do?

Upgrade is a marketing agency made for real estate professionals. We specialize in brand, marketing, and social media services, helping professionals define and understand their brand, and then build that brand through marketing and social media experiences. We help professionals also with their day-to-day marketing and social media, helping them become more productive and best of all - save time.

Our founders and most of our staff come from real estate brokerages where we saw the inefficiency and challenges agent's of all sizes had when marketing their businesses. Upgrade was built with these agent challenges in mind, creating a place for agents to come to and build powerful brands that help them become more successful.

Who does Upgrade typically work with? 

We work with a diverse set of agents, teams and brokerages in markets all across the country who are looking to outsource their brand and marketing needs.

Here’s a breakdown of some of our client stats:
30% of our clients do $15-50M in yearly volume
29% do $50-150M
30% do $150-250M
11% do over $250M

39% of our clients are solo agents, while 40% are small teams, and 21% are mediums to large teams.

Our clients come from a variety of brokerages, from local boutique to national like Compass, Sotheby’s, The Agency, and Coldwell Banker (to name a few).

Why should I outsource my marketing?

To put it simply: outsourcing allows your business to achieve much more at a lower cost.

Not only does outsourcing save costs but it alleviates a lot of stress and mental load from you and your business, giving you back your time. Focus on what you’re really good at, and leave the complexities of branding, marketing and social media to us.

Don’t take our word for it: after one year of working with Upgrade, our client, Tom Dunn (Sotheby’s) saw his overall marketing spend decrease by 40% while his sales increased by 86%!

Why should I hire Upgrade instead of an in-house marketer?
In-House Marketing Manager or Director
Outsource to Upgrade
Average salary: $75-120k
Typical year cost for our most comprehensive plan $40-60k
Yearly overhead cost of having employee $20k (benefits, resources, etc) 
No overhead costs for a whole team of experts
Typically specalized in only one area of focus.
Team of experts across marketing, social media, branding, content & design
Must pay for software or develop in-house tools.
Access to industry-best platforms and resources
How much do your marketing services cost?

Please see the most up to date information on our services on the Work With Us page here.

Do you have examples of client work? 

Yes! Please see the Clients page here, or on our navigation bar for examples of our previous work and performance.

How much should I spend on my marketing? 

Generally speaking, we recommend spending 10-12% of your gross commission income on marketing.

We have found that the most successful agents spend roughly 12-15%.

What kind of results should I expect on social media?

While we don't guarantee performance (NOTE: if a marketing company guarantees performance, it is a major red flag, and you should look elsewhere), after 6 months of working with us, we have seen our clients, on average: 

A 308% increase of Instagram impressions
A 361% increase of Instagram post saves
A 129% increase of engagement on Instagram
A 40% increase of total Instagram followers

We've also had clients sell $1M+ houses through Instagram Reels, closed an $8.4M property that started via a Direct Message, secured a $3-4M buyer via a post, and generated countless listing appointments via social media.

What does the day-to-day look like with Upgrade as my agency?

When working with Upgrade, you can expect the average day to contain you messaging or meeting with your account manager, and partnering closely on any projects that are in progress or need to be completed.

Do I have dedicated support or do my requests go to a team of people?

We saw how a lack of marketing support hurts agents so we've created a system that allows for individualized support. When you work with Upgrade you get a dedicated account manager who will work with you closely to achieve your goals.

If I move forward with Upgrade, what is the length of the contract? 

In order to provide our clients with the best service possible, we have a minimum contract length of 6 months. While this seems like a long time, in marketing, this is a flash. In order to see proper returns, and have a clear idea of performance, we need time to formulate the best strategy for you, and develop a great plan that helps move your business forward.

What makes Upgrade different from other real estate marketing agencies? 

Three areas rise above all else: our founders, our team, and our branding methodology.

Our founders have over 55 years of combined experience in marketing leadership positions. They’ve worked directly with some of the top agents and teams in the country, helping them forge their strategies and marketing identities. Our founders have also worked and led at companies in real estate, tech, and advertising such as Compass, Sotheby’s, Facebook, Pinterest, and TBWA Worldwide.

Our team is flush with real estate and marketing experience, we spend a lot of time in our hiring and onboarding process ensuring that we hire people who have diverse skillsets across many areas in marketing. Once we bring them in, we conduct continuous weekly training to ensure that everyone is up to date on the newest information in marketing, real estate, and tech.

Our branding methodology is an innovative piece of our offering, we have tested and fine tuned this experience to be best-in-class, capturing the true essence of agents and allowing them to flourish in their marketing. We run an exercise with one of our founders to distill your brand, and strip it back to its core. From there, we take your brand and inject it into every piece of your marketing.

Do you partner with just agents or can you support brokerages? 

We work with everyone and are happy to partner with larger teams and brokerages for more custom solutions. Please contact us if you'd like to speak with us about a solution for a larger team / brokerage.

Is Upgrade a Compass approved vendor? 

Yes! We are officially a Compass approved vendor and can accept marketing spend to cover the cost of our services.

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